Dog Boarding: Kennel Free Vs Kennel

  • If you are a dog owner, you know that taking good care of your pup is not something you do if you can find the time. They need basic necessities like food, water, going in and out to the bathroom, being walked, and last but definitely not least, they need love and attention.

    We all naturally get attached to our pets, and next to our own children, dogs are close to our hearts. With that said, if you needed to go on a trip and had to find a suitable place to bring your child for daycare, wouldn't you want them to be in the best place possible? of course you would... somewhere they would feel comfortable and safe, and somewhere you would feel assured those things are provided.

    Not unlike children, dogs also have a need to feel comfortable and safe in their environment. They are a part of our families, and they have fears and anxiety's just like we do. Dogs long for the comfort of knowing that they are safe with someone who loves and cares for dog boarding boulder co them, and that's why home style kennel free boarding is a superior alternative to kennel boarding. If you've ever been to the humane society and seen all of the animals locked up in cages with fear and desperation in their eyes, then you can imagine what a kennel boarding facility is. The only big difference is... your PAYING people to put your dog into this dreadful environment while your away! In kennel boarding facilities, your pup is treated like a federal prisoner locked in a cage with no room to run and play. Sure you might save a buck or two by putting your puppy on lock down at a kennel boarding facility, but is it worth putting your dog in that environment?

    Now let's take a look at the other option: Home Style Kennel Free Boarding. This type of boarding does not incorporate the use of kennel cages during boarding. The dogs are free to stretch their legs, run, socialize and explore in a safe facility with all the comfort of home. Most often there are less dogs boarded at one time at a kennel free facility, allowing the caretaker to give much more individual attention to each dog and their needs both emotionally and physically. This kennel cage free environment has proven to have a positive effect on a dogs mental and physical well being, and is a solution to putting your dog in a cramped and dirty cage. Although many Kennel Boarding facilities are more cost effective, much like booking a stay at a hotel, you get what you pay for.