• Indian

    Bollywood cinema is famous for its larger than life characters, rollicking dance sequences and catchy music. The Strings Bollywood Band can bring all of that to your wedding.

    kiran Thakrar formed the band 15 years ago and they have played at the highest level including international festivals, royal receptions and even with comedian Bill كورة لايف Bailey. He says the general appreciation for Bollywood has increased in recent years and he is now receiving requests to play to all types of audiences around the world.

    If you don't have room for the whole group of 22 - including 12 dancers! - The Bollywood band Streicher offers smaller ensembles that may play delicate Indian folk music on the sitar: perfect for pre-ceremony or during drinks reception.

    African music

    You listen to the music of the kora player Mamadou Cissoko is all you need. "People hear the music I make," he says simply, "and if they love it, they just book it." This explains why this traditional West African music is becoming increasingly popular with people who have no connection to the region . Mamadou even teaches his craft in crowded classes in his hometown of Bristol.

    The kora is an instrument related to the harp: it has 21 strings attached to a large round resonator. The music is beautifully intricate and rhythmic - add a djembe drummer and an acoustic duo can sound like a whole band. It is ideal to welcome your guests: quiet, refreshing and relaxing.

    But get Mamadou's full band, Jalikunda , and you've got irresistible and life-affirming dance music full of inner rhythms. You can even add three costumed dancers for the full experience.

    Irish ceilidh

    You don't have to have a Celtic connection to throw an Irish folk dance—or ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee)—at your wedding. In fact, they appeal to people of all backgrounds, ages and nationalities.

    "More and more people are opting for a celidh , while they might have had a disco in the '70s and '80s," says Paul Weir of Brand of Fire. "It's a great way to get people to do something together."

    Don't worry if neither of you knows the moves. It's the job of كورة لايف dance-callers like Paul to get everyone going, regardless of their experience. "I claim to be able to make anyone dance," he says. "The moves are pretty simple and we can tailor the performance to the audience."