• Faux-wood plantation shutters are a practical and stylish alternative to curtains and drapes. These shutters can be configured to cover any size and shape of window as well as French-doors and sliding glass doors. Faux-wood shutters are attractive with any shutter blinds installation decor and will also add to your homes' curb appeal.


    The shutters come in many different materials including PVC, poly-vinyl, and polysatin by Hunter Douglas. Some companies offer shutters made of extruded poly foam material that are anti-static so they won't collect dust. Composite shutters are made from a combination of wood and man-made materials. This combination of hardwoods and polymers helps these shutters retain their shape and appearance. Because of their resistance to moisture, they are especially useful for kitchens, bathrooms and high-humidity environments. They will not warp like wood does, they are resistant to mold and mildew, and their materials render them immune to flaking and fading.

    Every room in your house will look better with faux-wood shutters installed. These shutters are offered in many styles; Cafe style, covering the bottom half of the window only, or double tiered models to cover the entire window. You then have the choice of opening top louvers, bottom louvers, or both top and bottom louvers for maximum light and/or ventilation. The louvers or slats measure from 1-1/2 inches wide to over 4 inches wide with several choices in-between. The larger louvers are preferred for faux-wood shutters and for windows with large expanses of glass. The large louvers allow the best ventilation and the most panoramic outdoor view. You can darken a room just by closing the shutters tightly. They offer excellent light control and privacy as well as a high-quality look for an affordable price.


    One of the biggest benefits of faux-wood shutters is their attractive price. At 20% - 30% less than wooden shutters, they are affordable for most home budgets.


    The color choices by some manufacturers are extensive - you are not stuck with white-only, although that is a very elegant look. If you cannot find the color you like, you can order unpainted shutters and custom paint them yourself.


    These shutters combine beauty with durability. Another benefit of faux-wood shutters is ease of cleaning. They are especially easy to keep clean and dust-free with the swipe of a cloth. For stubborn dirt, warm water and a mild dish detergent will make an easy cleaning job. Their semi-gloss or satin finish makes clean-up a snap, and gives every room a very elegant look.


    You can purchase shutters and self-install, or have the vendor do the installation. These shutters can be installed inside the window frame, to the window frame itself, or outside the window frame. The latter can be done when the window frame is very narrow or nonexistent. In this case an additional strip of wood will be attached to the drywall to stabilize the installation. In any case, the hinges should not be visible when viewed straight-on.