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HP Printer: Common Problems and Their Solutions

  • HP Printer: Common Problems and Their Solutions

    I am sure it is relatable to everyone that it is so vexatious when your printer breaks down at the most inopportune moments! Although HP printers are generally reliable, even in the most onerous of circumstances, it does become problematic from time to time. We have covered some of the most common HP printer issues below along with some of the tips to troubleshoot those hassles.

    HP printer: Driver problem and solution

    HP Printer driver unavailable” error can send shivers down the spine of anyone as this disgusting error can ruin the whole day of the users. But this horrifying problem has one simple solution. And that method involves updating the driver of the HP. 

    For the new operating systems that are released, you will need to load new drivers for your existing printers. Not all printers have a driver for every operating system. In such a situation, it is best to take the assistance of the printer manual and churn out what printers the drivers will imitate. Though not all of the functionality of the printer will be there under this imitation, at least basic printing will work. For instance, most of the HP printers will print the HP LaserJet II driver installed, few exceptions, such as twinning, will not work.

    HP printer: Paper jams problem and solution

    One of the most common problems of printers is paper jams. HP Printer paper jam problem might result from numerous reasons: It is dirty, the inaccurate paper type is being used, or the rollers on the printer that feed the paper through its pathway are depleted. While cleaning the printer occasionally and using the right paper are some simple fixes, roller replacement can be quite a task depending on the model of the HP printer. For a few HP printers, the rollers are easily obtainable but you will have to completely demolish other models to detach the rollers. Regardless of the cause, while detaching a paper jam, always pull the paper towards the direction of the paper path because pulling it backwards can acutely harm the printer.

    HP printer: Cartridge problem and solution

    “Non-genuine” cartridge message is one the most frustrating HP Printer Cartridge problems one can come across. 

    At times, your printer will straightaway call you out for using a third-party ink cartridge. Is especially a common sight to witness in HP printers. A kind of message will pop up on your screen, warning you that you are using a used, refilled or counterfeit cartridge. Usually it will not do anything else beyond that. Usually third-party cartridges have chips installed that avoid this message, but you can easily diffuse it by clicking “okay” when it pops up on your screen. If this does not work, consider removing your cartridge and make sure the chip is clean, then reinstall and give it a try again. Cleaning the gold contact chip is an easy task. All you have to do is wipe it gently with a lint-free cloth!

    New cartridge not working

    After you got yourself a new cartridge, you might have come across some inconvenience with it. If you have recently installed a cartridge and an error machine shows up on your printer’s display, you can try for these following steps:

    • If you still have your old cartridge with you, try reinstalling into your unit. It often happens that your printer will start right back up, and in many cases, you will discover that your old cartridge still has some ink left.
    • Once the old cartridge is accepted by your printer, remove it and replace it with the new cartridge again. At times, a fast cartridge swap can persuade your printer to accept the new cartridge.
    • Double check to make sure you removed the protective seals. New cartridges come sealed at the ink nozzle to prevent the ink inside them from drying out. For a few brands, a piece of tape with a tab will create this seal. For others, it is a plastic piece. If you try installing the new cartridge into your printer without removing the seal, it may register the cartridge as installed but not allow ink to flow.
    • Do check the vent. HP cartridges come with a vent that permits ink to flow fluidly. If this vent is blocked, it can prevent ink from leaving the cartridge. Do check on the top back of the cartridge for a saffron pull tab, and if this has been removed, you can clear the vent with a pin.
    • Do an expanded cleaning cycle. If your printer has been staying like that for a while, the ink on the print head can dry up and choke. Doing an expanded cleaning cycle will remove any unwanted ink blockages and get your ink flowing again. If the prints are coming out too stained and vague, an expanding cleaning cycle can solve that issue as well Hp printer paper jam.