Shine Reflective SKI011 Ski Jacket

  • Shine Reflective SKI011 Ski Jacket

    Product Description

    The Shine Reflective SKI011 Ski Jacket offers high visibility, good breathability and weather protection. Featuring 360° reflectivity, waterproof fabric, underarm zips and zipped pockets for safe storage while you ski or cycle .

    Waterproof - Tested to withstand 3,000mm of rain in a 24 hour period, suitable for moderate rain

    Breathable - The fabric allows perspiration to pass out of the garment, keeping you cool and comfortable

    Underarm Zips - Unzip for extra ventilation

    Long side opening- easy to wear off

    360° Reflective - the contrast printed part and piping glows silver, when hit by light

    Zipped pockets - for convenient and safe storage

    Lightweight - comfortable to wear and ideal for active use

    Elastic cuff and btm-Keep extra warm

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