Actions to get out of the Sand Box

  • The first thing to make clear is that Google is taking longer and longer to index our websites although most of the poeple use URL Opener to open multiple URLs instantly and generate backlinks simultaneously. Within this question and according to your screenshots of the Search Console, we have to talk about another detail. If the missing URLs appear in excluded (the first case you show) it means that Google has already discovered them but has yet to index and process them.

    Whether he has already discovered them or not, you may face long waits for him to do so. There is something you can do to reduce the waiting time and even, in some cases (but not all), eliminate it altogether.

    I already answered a similar question in this threadin case you want to take a look at a possible solution. In that thread I offer the use of the Search Console indexing API as well as some other advice that can help you. You can also take a look at a recent Web Camp video .

    At the moment there is no perfect method to achieve it, so if that does not work, remember that to speed up indexing, you can also try a good link building and get a certain number of help speed up this process. If you can't or don't know how, don't worry, Google will end up doing it (if there are no indexing problems on your website) little by little, so I recommend that you improve the interlinking of your website and avoid indexing any unnecessary pages such as contact , legal notice, who we are...

    Greetings and good luck