What Does Gen Mean On Grindr

  • If you are Grindr user then you are come crossways term”Gen” on Grindr. And if you are thinking what does gen mean on grindr? then you are at correct place. Here I am write about what does Gen stand for on grindr. According to Customer Query Online as you know grindr is location founded social dating application for gay,tans and queer people. It is very famed dating app worldwide used for match  and chatting. During text exchange or in bio gen word is use on grindr.


    What is Gen Mean On Grindr?


    Gen standpoints for Generous. You will come across “generous” or “gen only,” on grindr.


    Could you get disqualified on Grindr for saying you’r Gen?


    No. You only get ban for soliciting, meaning directly asking for cash. You’re allowed to say you’re gen, and you’re allow to ask someone if they’re gen. But be careful when other users will report your profile your changes of getting ban on grindr increase.

    The best way to give or take your gen on grindr is just bury it, and the end of the profile or put rose emojis