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Watched the Madden Mobile Coins

  • January 26, 2018

    Frank King, who along with Jamie's mother had watched the Madden Mobile Coins game from inside their car, was presented the game ball.Frank, then in failing health, accepted it from Mark Moseley, thanking the team and promising the ball would stay with him always."It had, for all intents and purposes, done everything I’d always hoped to in one gesture," Jamie said. "That’s why we called it ‘A Game Ball for Frank.’ It definitely for me was the one thing I did that was right.


    It brought it full circle."The gesture came just in time. Frank King died four days later on Nov. 6, shortly after Jamie King’s Generals were named national champs. He kept his promise, and had the game ball buried with him.MORE: Biggest players to Cheap MUT 18 Coins watch at Senior BowlShortly after the season ended, King began working on "A Game Ball for Frank."


     His story, which first was meant only as a cathartic exercise, has drawn interest from filmmakers who want to turn it into a movie. King is currently in talks to move his story to the silver screen.However, King — who now hosts a radio show on ESPN 950 in Richmond, Va. — hopes people who find themselves in similar abusive relationships can his book to help them through difficult times.“


    I think this story has, from the people in it, something for everybody,” King said. “In terms of somebody might take away hope, someone might take away, ‘Hey I’m not going to get down. I’m going to get back up.’”That philosophy has already worked for one person.Moseley joined the Generals in 1995 amid an ongoing divorce and with his travel business failing. He met his now-wife during his time with the Generals, which gave him the “confidence to not be afraid to tackle just about anything.”


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