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8 Flight Booking Tips for Finding Cheapest Tickets

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    June 30, 2022 6:59 AM EDT

    Ask anyone which is the most comfortable way of travelling? Most of the travellers will affirm and say it is the 'airways'. Taking a flight is indisputably the most convenient and fastest possible way of reaching a destination but it may not be so pocket-friendly. Solo-travellers and families travelling on a tight-budget find it very tough to choose an air journey. If you wish to travel abroad, there is no other way to cut short the time of journey, or want to travel comfortably. Even in cases of emergency, flight becomes a more comfortable way of travelling than any other mode of transportation. Airlines come up with exciting offers for the travellers but it often goes unnoticed because of being unaware of it. 

    Fareferry cannot guarantee a substantial dip in the airfares, what we can provide you is clever booking tips that'll help you locate the cheapest possible airfare. Read on this article to make you familiar with best 8 flight booking tips for finding Cheap Flight Tickets:

    Initiate the flight ticket booking process early

    If you've been booking plane tickets, you must be knowing flight tickets generally get expensive as the departure date comes closer. Fareferry recommends the readers to start researching on the travel destination tickets early. The experts of the airline industry predict the sweet spot to occur at least six to eight weeks in advance before the flight departure date. If you initiate the booking process nine weeks before and track the airfares for at least one or two weeks, you're in the best position to hit the sweet spot and get the most reasonable airfares for the destination flight.

    Remain flexible with the travel dates

    Scheduling a cheap air travel is a lot simpler than you think if you remain flexible with your travel dates. Whenever looking to travel, schedule for at least two to three months erstwhile and make note of the airfares for the flight dates in the entire travelling month. The airfares depend to a very great extent on the time of the year you are travelling or the day of the week. If there are any upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving, Independence day weekend or Christmas, the prices will be surge on a higher side very normally. Similarly, mid-week days might always be cheaper than the weekends as less number of passengers travel during mid-week. Therefore, always try to remain flexible with your travel dates to avoid any upsurge in the air ticket price.

    Compare the airfares in multiple search engines

    Most of the flight search engines usually have higher airfares shown on their website, the reason the airfares vary from search engine to another search engine is their cut from the airlines. Most of the times, these high-ranking flight search engines do not even list all the airlines on their website. Dig deep and enlist the regional airlines and budget airlines that may help you lessen your airfare. Don't just limit your search to two or three leading search engines to find a convenient price for your travel destination.

    Go Incognito 

    The fight booking websites and search engines employ special software’s that store the previous search history and cookies from your browser to increase the airfare of a repeatedly searched route. If you search a particular air travel route time and again, the flight booking website's special software will manipulate you into thinking that the price would rise further and, thus, forcing you to Book a Flight ticket to avoid further increase in the price. You can always avoid this panic situation created by flight search engines by using the incognito mode of your browser.

    Make use alternative route options

    Sometimes, using an alternative flight route through connecting flights can be a cheaper option than flying directly to your destination. Few of flight search engines don't list budget airlines and regional airlines which can save some dollars to your intended travel destination. Also, you can also look for nearby airport instead of the primary airport to reach your destination if it is cheaper. A budget airline in some travel zones may turn out cheaper than the normal airlines. Only disconcerting factor here will be the extra hours spent on the travel time instead of taking the direct flight.

    Search the airfare for a single person

    Even if you are planning to fly in a group with your family or friends, always search and book plane tickets for a single person. It is better to not buy multiple flight tickets in a single transaction as airlines have special in-built software’s that show the highest ticket price for a group purchase. Many airlines release festive or special fares in odd numbers, you must be noticing the flash stating only 1 ticket is available at a deal price. The top-end flight search engines try every possible thing to sell the tickets at the highest possible price. It may occur at times, you do not get to sit with your family or friends, but you still end up with some savings.

    Bonus from frequent flyer miles and points

    Most of the top airlines have some kind of frequent flyer program for their loyal customers. If you've preference for some particular airline and a frequent flyer program run by them, you can get your name enlisted on their flyer program. Through these frequent flyer programs, you can earn certain points or miles on every flight on this particular airline. You can redeem these points on your next flight to make it cheaper. Nowadays, airlines are having special JVs with banks to offer particular credit or debit cards and give additional points or discounts on the purchases made through them.

    Pick Smart Flying Days and Time of Flights

    Another strong tip for booking Cheap Plane Tickets is try and get on the earliest flight of the day as the tickets are relatively cheap for morning departures. Frequent commuters most commonly tend to book their flights on Fridays and Sundays, as we all know. Most people choose not fly on weekdays such as Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays due to the fact that it often means giving up work or taking an extra vacation day. Plenty of red-eye flights are going unsold and airlines release special fares at great discounts to avoid empty seats in their planes.


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    July 29, 2022 9:19 AM EDT

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