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    September 5, 2022 7:07 PM EDT



    A bull named BOND must be caught now - before he runs


    There is a huge ‼️possibility of a repeat of BOND's summer success before the end of September.


    The RSI of the token has been in an uptrend since July 14, as is the MFI.

    Network activity levels on Santiment revealed an increase in token activity on the network along with its price.

    The indicator of unique addresses used to make transactions with BOND in the period under review also increased by 51%.

    The growth of new addresses in the network for the period under review increased by more than 800%.

    Since July 15, the average age of investments in dollars according to BOND (MDIA) began to decrease.


    ‼️All indications are that BOND is starting to pick up speed. Based on previous experience, it can get up to $35-40 per token by the end of September



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