A Different Side of Romance - Considering Elopement

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    September 15, 2022 6:14 AM EDT

    Elopement-this is something not a few couples have probably thought about, if not thoroughly considered. And, perhaps, elopement has also crossed your mind, although you are afraid to even consider it due to the repercussions and consequences. Elopement, from the root word elope (meaning flee or run away), is marriage done in a sudden or/and secretive manner. In a manner of speaking, eloping is, indeed, running away-from the usual wedding ceremonies we have been doing since time immemorial elopement photographer.

    Obviously, an elopement isn't exactly what you would call a traditional marriage, since a lot of the usual rituals and practices done in a standard wedding are foregone. You don't get to invite a lot of people due to rushed manner of the procedure; you don't get to have an elaborate ceremony and procedure; you don't get to take pictures. But for some, elopement offers romance, although a different kind. There is truly something mysterious, spontaneous, and exciting about elopement, about the fact that you get to marry someone you love with any elaborate planning. There is something truly sincere with the idea of marrying someone in a rush, a burst of romantic energy. It is not traditional, and it is simple, maybe even a little irrational-but it is no less romantic than your usual wedding.

    But when should you consider elopement?

    One of the repercussions of eloping with someone is the people you will probably offend or hurt due to your sudden decision. Your family may not agree with your decision to elope. Your friends may feel hurt because you did not ask them to go the ceremony. For many, the wedding ceremony is more than just a ceremony. It is a chance to celebrate your transition from a single man or woman into a full grown adult ready to face the responsibilities of the family life. The ceremony isn't just about you-it is also about the people important to you.

    Many also say that proceeding through an elopement will only give you regrets. When you elope, you will end up thinking how your wedding would have gone if you did it traditionally? This may be especially true if you look at your wedding pictures and you see not a cheerful occasion but a bleak procedure, something almost clinical. Instead of a well-decorated church, the location of your ceremony is the city hall, or some place similar.

    Of course, beyond these, elopement also has some advantages. For one, eloping is much cheaper than your usual wedding. Needless to say, conducting the wedding ceremony alone can cost an arm and a leg-what more if you factor in the reception? Even if you plan to do the reception after elopement, you will save a considerable about of money. And with elopement, you settle all conflicts. You do not give anyone the chance to hinder your wedding plans. Some feelings may be hurt or offended, but with elopement, you did what you think will happen in the future anyway. It can be viewed as the practical side of romance and tradition.

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