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All You Need to know About Indian Lehenga Choli

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    January 14, 2023 12:22 PM EST

    Nothing can match the beauty and elegance of the Indian lehenga choli. It is one of the most attractive garments in the world, distinguished by its unique structure and gorgeous designs. With the advent of ethnic fashion and the emergence of Indian clothing as a major trend in the global fashion arena, information about lehenga cholis has become more in demand than ever.

    Lehenga cholis started out as the humble attire of ordinary women in the rural areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Over the centuries, many varieties emerged, some of them much finer and more expensive than their everyday cousins. In time, lehenga cholis became a favorite dance costume and began to be worn by upper-class women as well.
    Today, of course, women all over the Indian subcontinent wear them, although they are usually reserved for special occasions. Only in some rural pockets are they still worn as a traditional everyday garment. They have become popular all over the world and are worn by women from different cultures. The fact that this attire has become a staple of glamorous Bollywood movies has further increased their appeal; many women want to know all about lehenga cholis and how to wear them so they can imitate their favorite actress.
    Traditional and contemporary variety.
    There are many Indian lehenga designs to choose from. This attire is a favorite of high fashion designers, Bollywood actresses and rural women, so there are many interesting variations in the market. Traditional lehenga designs are usually quite simple and easy to wear. The straight-cut lehenga worn with a long tunic-like choli is a popular semi-casual or everyday style.
    They are worn by women in Rajasthan and Gujarat, and are made of soft, airy cotton materials to make them comfortable to wear in the hot, desert climate of these states. To contrast with the dull, sandy landscape, their costumes are very colorful, often dyed using traditional Bandhej techniques to create bright, multi-colored outfits, perfect for festivals. Comfortable and beautiful, these lehengas are ideal for dance-based festive occasions such as Navratri or Dandiya. The fancier varieties often feature glittering shell or mirror designs.
    Young South Indian girls often wear a version of the lehenga choli for women called pattu pavada. This simple and beautiful attire is extremely comfortable and is usually made of colorful materials of cotton, cotton-silk or imitation silk, decorated with shiny golden borders. When it comes to this traditional type of lehenga, it is difficult to find information, as these outfits have gone out of fashion in recent decades. They are now only worn on special occasions or in very conservative areas.
    Apart from these traditional varieties, there are many amazing types of modern and glamorous designs of Indian choli lehenga. When it comes to this type of lehenga choli from lehenga choli online Usa, information abounds as it is the most popular variety, especially among fashionistas who love to sport the latest styles and trends.
    There are many different varieties, from sensual mermaid cut lehengas to voluminous circular lehengas. They are usually paired with daring cut cholis, such as the backless choli, the dori or string-tied choli, the deep neck choli and the sleeveless choli. These beautifully structured ensembles combine western silhouettes with Indian designs and fabrics, creating a truly elegant fusion outfit for the modern woman.
    Depending on the occasion for which the lehenga is to be worn, the designs will vary. The most richly and intricately decorated lehengas are bridal lehengas, with rich pearl and gemstone embellishments and thick metallic thread borders. They are often decorated with traditional embroidery such as resham, zari, kota doria, chikankar and paisley, to name just a few. Artistic designs depicting precious Indian motifs of flowers, fruits, trees, animals and Persian abstract designs are also frequently seen on elegant evening lehenga cholis.
    Styles and trends
    Lehenga cholis, like any other attire, are subject to trends and styles. While at one time the full-body, full-sleeved lehenga choli suit was in vogue, in recent years more modern styles are considered more fashionable. Sleeveless and backless cholis, close-fitting mermaid cut lehengas and translucent net dupattas have become commonplace at ethnic celebrations.

    Choli lehengas can be adorned with different types of Indian jewelry, depending on the designs of the outfit and the occasion for which it is to be worn. For example, an outfit with gold thread designs can be complemented with gold necklaces and dangling gold earrings, while a lehenga with silver and pearl designs will go well with a set of ornate pearl necklaces.