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    March 5, 2019 12:43 AM EST

    Orient introduced the Pro-Saturation Diver as an answer to Seiko’s Marine Master and thereafter Demarcus Lawrence Cowboys Jersey , watch enthusiasts are into a never-ending debate regarding the two. However, the Marine Master got a lot of spotlight till now, so it’s time for the Orient 300M Professional Diver automatic. Pro-Saturation is the name it goes by.

    Frankly speaking, it’s a very tough decision to make. Both are equally good, but the only extra point the Pro-Saturation Diver scores are in terms of price. It costs tad lower than the Seiko, but then again, that’s not what squelches the debate. There are other aspects to the Pro-Saturation Diver as well the price factor. These points are grounded in reality and not just a flight of fancy.

    Going back some five years (2010), we see the Cheap Orient watches seeing the daylights but in 2013, the Pro-Saturation revealed itself as a new version. The classic saturation diver came in classic matte white this time, blending style with utterly utilitarian aspects. It is of a distinct quality and the EL02003W, featuring an in-house movement (Caliber: 40N5A), is wind-able unlike the rest of the Orient movements. It’s hackable, too; which adds more to its credentials. It consists of 22 jewels, beats at 21,600 vph and accurate to +15 seconds per day. It also has a heavier rotor, specifically designed to wind the mainspring underwater. The other upgrade in the Pro Saturation Orient watches For Sale-click unidirectional bezel and the whole package is now a truly unique one!

    The Pro Saturation Diver is meant for mixed-gas diving. While some might ask questions on the absence of the Helium-escape valve, but that’s not required; the case has been designed so that it prevents the build up of helium gas within. So, an external valve is no more a requirement.

    In its appearance, the Pro-Saturation Discount Orient watches a beautifully polished, hefty and substantial stainless steel case with the lugs brushed on the tops. At 45.4mm (without the large, signed screw-down crown), it’s suitably sized for underwater operations. Its wrist presence is for them who are strong at heart!

    The Pro-Saturation Diver sports a flat, anti-reflective sapphire crystal of around 5mm thickness and a slightly bevelled edge. This provides for a perfect fit with the bezel, which is itself a beauty due to its ceramic-styled bezel. The action is super-smooth, just like the viscous fluids flow. At the top (12’0 clock) there’s a lume pip, but not the other markers. The large markers on the dial; however, are brightly lumed.

    Let’s talk about the power-reserve meter now. On the upper right quadrant of the dial, it is slightly recessed and silver coloured. It measures 40 hours, which is max and is one complication that’s useful as well as looks good. At least, you’ll never go diving when the power reserve is at the rock bottom!


    Lacking the millions of dollars it costs to broadcast a Super Bowl ad, Britain's Newcastle Brown Ale gate-crashed the biggest advertising event in the United States by creating an archetypal big budget campaign that it never intended to run on television.


    The Heineken-owned brand's beer commercials, which poked fun at the marketing tactics of rivals advertising in the American football championship game, ran on Facebook and Google's YouTube instead.


    The stunt was a success, generating a similar level of online response as some brands that bought Super Bowl air time.


    Brand director Quinn Kilbury said consumers had grown tired of big-budget advertising clichés, such as dramatic voice overs. "They love the fact Newcastle says it as it is," he said.


    One video shows Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick talking about how she had been dumped by Newcastle Brown Ale because they were too cheap to pay for the ad.


    The average cost of a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl – which this year was the most-watched U.S. television program in history with more than 111 million viewers – was around $4 million (2.36 million pounds). Newcastle said its campaign cost "a fraction" of a Super Bowl ad, without specifying a number.


    The Kendrick video attracted 63,336 shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs, of which 56,116 came from Facebook alone, according to marketing technology company Unruly.


    That would put it 19th in the ranking of online responses to Super Bowl ads, in front of Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt but a long way behind first-ranked Budweiser, which was shared more than 1.9 million times, Unruly said.


    Newcastle's campaign is held up by Facebook as an example of how the social network can help advertisers by getting hard-to-reach young consumers to engage with, share and talk about the brand.


    It a message Facebook has taken to marketers at the Cannes Lions international advertising festival this week.


    The social network will work with agencies and marketing departments to create campaigns that engaged users in different ways than television, said Mark D'Arcy, Facebook's Chief Creative Officer.


    "People have absolute freedom of movement across screens," he said. "So the thought that we are living in the 1990s and we have the ability to command and control somebody's attention span on any platform is crazy," he said.


    Sales of Newcastle Brown Ale in the United States overtook its home British market around two years ago, the company said. The brand appeals to young U.S. city dwellers looking for an alternative to the big-name beers.


    The spoof Super Bowl campaign was the latest in a series of online ads that "tell it like it is".




    Brand advertising, which builds awareness of a product or service's name, has largely been confined to television, said Ian Maude from Enders Analysis.


    "Television is the still the king of brand advertising," he said. "TV advertising is very robust. But young. Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys Online   Wholesale Authentic College Jerseys   Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NCAA Youth Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys From China   Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys From China 

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