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    February 3, 2023 5:54 AM EST

    Watches World - buy, sell or part-exchange a luxury watch.
    So "what" are all these unique historical watches of the Romain Jerome brand made of? Here, for example, is a collectible watch called "Titanic-DNA".
    In a cocktail of unique ingredients that were used for the decoration of the case, for the design of the watch:
    real moon dust,
    fragments of the legendary Apollo XI spacecraft,
    fragments of the ISS international space station.
    The collection of watches from the Titanic is also authentic and exclusive – experts have no complaints about the ingredients that went to finish the dial.
    The authenticity of all the "pieces" was confirmed by a special organization that has the official right to do so! This is Harland & Wolff, a marine shipbuilding plant that also conducts expert examinations of the authenticity of fragments of sunken historical ships.
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    Well, the clock dedicated to the most apocalyptic event of the late 20th century — the eruption of a volcano in Iceland – contains, respectively, particles of lava and ash from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajekudl.
    Each historical Romain Jerome collectible watch is accompanied by documentation of certificates of authenticity issued by the relevant authorized organizations.
    Romain Jerome watches – simple, but expensive
    As chronometers, Swiss watches of the Romain Jerome brand do not strike the imagination at all. Here they are simple to the primitive — no bells and whistles for you. They just show the time. And sometimes... they don't even do that!
    So, one of the amazing collections of the watch brand Romain Jerome is called "Day and Night", just like some kind of cake, by God.
    Only the "Day and Night" clock is not a cake.
    They have two so-called tourbillons. One spins during the day and shows an image of the sun. The second tourbillon turns – at night, and shows a symbolic image of the moon.
    There are no hands in this watch and it is impossible to find out the time by them! According to the president of the company Romain Jerome, few people will pay a lot of money for Swiss luxury watches, according to which... it will simply be impossible to know the time, because they are his... they just don't show it!
    This is the philosophy of luxury: real luxury is absolutely devoid of functionality and usefulness. So it moves away from the grassroots concept of "design" and approaches the cherished "sublime" segment of the "art market".