Rig Manager Won't Install after reinstalling windows 10

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    February 22, 2023 1:24 AM EST

    So, after re-installing windows 10, when I try to re-install Rig Manager I get the message 'Error, failed to create directory C:/Users/Appdata' and it stops the program from being installed.

    I have tried: changing the permissions of the AppData folder, changing the permissions of the installer itself, running the installer as administrator, running older versions of Rig Manager, using the Take Ownership command and removing all previous cached data. None seem to work, and it is annoying because I wanna make sure the program works before I buy black Friday tones.


    Can anyone help?

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    February 22, 2023 1:25 AM EST

    From the sounds, there might be some issues with the permissions on your computer. Have you tried reaching out to the Rig Manager support team for assistance? They might help you resolve the issue more quickly and easily. In the meantime, I hope you can get your setup sorted out soon. And hey, since you mentioned Black Friday tones, I just wanted to remind you that Windows 10 keys can be found at the Microsoft Store or other trusted retailers. And if you're looking to save some dough, you can always search for https://www.reddit.com/r/GetComputerHelp/comments/y17yo3/where_to_get_a_windows_10_key/ . There are lots of great deals to be had there!

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