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How Would You Recover Forgotten Gmail Account Password?

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    February 17, 2020 6:19 AM EST

    In the daily busy life, everyone has lots of work to do and forgetting things precisely 'Gmail account password' is quite common. But thanks to the Autosave option, it has made things easier for us like saving the password for easy access. Moreover, the problem appears when the user clears cookies, cache and all. In this way, the password also gets removed from your browser and you find a problem while accessing your Gmail account. Besides, if something like this happens with you, you should go through this post to get complete information.

    Forgotten Gmail Account Password? Get Information About Google Account Recovery

    When you forget your Gmail account password, you lose access to your Gmail account but don't worry you can regain access to your Gmail account. All you need to do is resetting the account password.

    • First and foremost, reach out to the Google account recovery page.
    • There fill in the username of your account and click Next.
    • Then you would be asked to enter your Gmail account last password and if you don't remember the password, you can opt for the Try another way option.
    • Next, you would get the recovery option either the phone number or recovery email address. You need to identify and select the phone number displaying with missing digits.
    • Once you choose the phone number, a verification code or a message will be sent on your mobile. If you get the message click Yes otherwise enter the code on the field provided on the screen.
    • After that, you would see the password reset options on your screen, you can create and confirm a new password for your Gmail account.
    • Consequently, as you confirm the password, you have to click the Save Changes option at the bottom of the screen and complete the password reset process.

    This is how your Gmail account password will be reset without any problem. And you will no longer worry about how to recover your forgotten Gmail password. Just in case, if you still find any problem while recovering your account password, you can contact the Gmail support anytime from anywhere.