What is Bluemen 100 mg ?

  • July 21, 2023 2:45 AM EDT

    Bluemen 100 mg tablet is a male sensual improvement pill that works on improving Erectile Dysfunction in men. It is viable in the management of sensual wellbeing disinterest in grown-up men. It is manufactured For RSM MULTILINK LLP. It contains Sildenafil Citrate 100mg as an active component. It promotes the capacity of a man to accomplish or continue an erection. The medication acquires sensual compatibility in men to help increment arousing intensity in men. It works to improve sensual capacity in men by expanding the progression of blood in the penile area. With an expansion in blood circulation, nerve incitement as well as improves sensual working.

    Uses of Bluemen 100:

    Bluemen 100 is utilized to treat ED in men while empowering penile to unwind. It helps to concentrate on experiencing powerful discharges and climax. The medication can enhance various areas of sensual wellbeing for powerful erections. It accomplishes maximum outcomes by fulfilling delight of harder and furthermore attempts to get ideal outcomes.

    Dosage of Bluemen 100:

     The recommended dose of Bluemen is 100mg, which is to be taken an hour before lovemaking.

    It should be taken 30 minutes before lovemaking.

    The tablet should be taken once in 24 hours so as to prevent symptoms of this medicine.

    The impact of this medicine stays active for around 4-6 hours.

    It is fundamental to take an earlier prescription of a specialist.

    This medicine causes men to treat ED as well as helps by expanding man self-confidence.

    Precautions of Blumen 100:

     Any kidney issues or any liver issues, any blood issues, including sickle cell anemia or the leukemia infection, unfavorably susceptible responses to Sildenafil or any of the different elements of these pills.

    Make sure to tell your doctor if you have  any heart ailments (e.g., angina, torment in the chest, heart failure, or heart attack), have ever had a heart stroke, low or hypertension, and so on.

    It has Bluemen Sildenafil citrate, therefore, don’t take some other medication with this pill as Sildenafil can respond with other medication and may cause genuine reactions on your wellbeing.

    Abstain from having this tablet with liquor or grapefruit juice as this can drop your circulatory strain levels and may cause genuine medical problems.

    Old people should take earlier medicine form specialist before having any drug.

    For a more effective outcome, you should have this pill void stomach.

    Don’t try  to take a higher dosage of this medicine. Abstain from having heavy food after taking this pill.

     Side effects of Bluemen 100:



    Stuffy nose

    Stomach Upset

    Muscle pain

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    As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there is no medication or product known as "Bluemen 100 mg." It's possible that new drugs or supplements have been introduced since then or that it may be a regional or less common product. website