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    March 21, 2018 3:08 AM EDT

    SOCHI ;, Russia, March 10 (Xinhua) -- Britain on Monday touched its first ever gold medal at the Paralympic Winter Games as Kelly Gallagher took the women's alpine visually-impaired super G title in Sochi.


    Hosts Russia still dominated the medal table with two more golds from the day as Rushan Minnegulov won the men's 20-kilometer classic standing cross-country event in 50 minutes 55.1 seconds and countrywoman Elena Remizova, guided by Natalia Yakimova, won the 15-kilometer visually-impaired cross-country trek in 49 minutes 10.2 seconds.


    The Briton ;, guided by Charlotte Evans, won her event with a time of one minute 28.72 seconds while 0.22 of a second adrift for second place was Russia's Aleksandra Frantceva who was guided by Pavel Zabotin.


    Gallagher said after the race that she could not believe in the result. "I had such a bad day on downhill. Today I just wanted to ski. We worked really hard, but it means a lot to us to have just skied," said the gold medalist who finished sixth in the women's visually-impaired downhill on Sunday.


    Though Monday was a day-off for ice sledge hockey players in Sochi ;, they kept themselves busy, apart from practicing, in calculating the odds of making it to the semi-finals to join title-chasing favorites Canada and the United States.


    Most of all other teams hoping to enter the semifinals may also depend on other team's floppy performance on Wednesday.


    South Korea will depend on a Russian defeat to the United States to keep the hope alive in Group B while Russia also need to depend on South Korea's loss to Italy to secure the semifinal berth.


    Norway and Sweden, both likely to get the second semifinal spot from Group A ;, had more complicated calculation to figure out. The Norwegians needed Canada to grab just one point from the Czech Republic on Wednesday whereas Sweden can still hope to qualify for the semifinals with a win and a Czech loss in regulation time to Canada.


    On snow courses in Sochi, other paralympic competitors also have their calculation and expectation.


    Cross-country skier Tatyana McFadden from the United States is expecting to compete on Wednesday with her biological mother and next-of-kins from Russia to join her American adoption mother Deborah McFadden along the course-side.


    Tatyana McFadden was adopted from Russia when she was six and she has since become the only paralympic athlete to have so far won four marathon races in a calendar year and six titles from a single world championships.


    BEIJING, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- The number of newly-registered companies in China's service sector stood at 1.3 million in the first six months of the year, according to a report of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on Sunday.


    They accounted for 78 percent of the total newly-registered firms in the country during the period ;, according to the report.


    New firms in the service sector played an important role in creating jobs, said the NDRC.


    China's service sector grew 8 percent year on year in the first six months, 0.6 percentage points higher than the country's economic growth during the period.


    Value added output of the service has risen to 46.6 percent of the country's gross domestic product, up 1.3 percentage points year on year.


    Amid economic downward pressure both at home and abroad ;, China has made efforts to facilitate business registration. A new business registration rule took effect on March 1, with lower capital requirement for new companies and simplified registration procedures.

    The True Essence Of Continuing Education For Nurses The True Essence Of Continuing Education For Nurses October 29, 2013 | Author: Megan Landry | Posted in Education

    As expected, you may decide to be one of those working in the medical industry. With your decision ;, you need to acquire more advanced education. It is needed especially when you are up for nursing. This is the main objective of the continuing education for nurses in Canada. This is in great demand nowadays. As a nurse, you are required to perform the treating of patients.


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    There are certain prerequisites that need to be taken upon undergoing the program. It can include your high school diploma or any from your related medical training program. It can be as well an associate degree like the a bachelor degree in nursing from an acknowledged university or college.


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