Vaastu Consultancy – Remove Negative Energies

  • October 1, 2022 12:17 PM EDT

    Hello, I am Dr. Anima Bhattacharyya an Astrologer. I am the Founder of Anima Astrologer. I am named a genuine astrologer in Delhi. I have received numerous awards for my work. Today, I am going to talk about Vastu. So, let’s begin.

    Moment, whenever we talk of buying land, structure, plant, etc., or constructing a new structure on a plot, be it for a house, marketable establishment, plant, store, godown, etc., we at some stage or the other, more frequently than not, are brazened with the query “Is it as per Vaastu? What's Vaastu? What is its applicability in our day-to-day environment?” These are the questions, that perplex us.

    Vaastu, in simple language, is an ancient house structure wisdom extending into the realm of occultism which presuppositions certain morals and dicta on how to make a house on what kind of a plot to be happy and prosperous. It is a wisdom, that presuppositions through morals and dicta how to live in harmony with nature and thereby decide benefits for our day-to-day progress and well-being.

    The principles of Vaastu have been formulated on the basis of “Pancha- Bhutas,” viz., earth, water, light (sun or fire), air, sky, and the influence of the macrocosm on our earth. Vaastu Shastra is a proportioned blend of rudiments for living in harmony with nature. Conforming to principles of Vaastu a house, office, business, or plant demesne brings internal peace and substance to the proprietor/ occupier in the shape of good business progress with the least possible pressures, domestic bliss of a high order, happiness through gets, etc.

    Non-conformity brings about miseries and hassles pressures through similar specific factors of diversions from the principles affecting that specific imbalance in nature. For illustration- If the northern portion is more elevated than the southern portion also that ménage will witness fiscal torture; if the entrance in the east faces southeast it results in poverty, court action, thievery, or fire accident.