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What is the Duration of the Peacock Free Trial

  • The popular streaming platform Peacock provides a free trial to try its premium content and services before subscribing. The length of the Peacock Free Trial will be discussed in this article, giving you the knowledge, you need to take full use of it.

    What is the Duration of the Peacock Free Trial

    What is Peacock?

    Let's take a minute to define Peacock before getting into the details of the free trial. NBCUniversal has introduced a streaming service called Peacock. It provides a vast selection of material, such as TV series, films, sports, news, and more. Peacock is a flexible choice for streaming entertainment since it offers access to both free and paid material.

    The Peacock Free Trial

    A free trial is one of the alluring benefits that Peacock provides to prospective customers. You may check out Peacock's premium features with this free trial without having to pay anything. It's crucial to remember that the length of the free trial could change according on the plan you choose.

    Peacock Free Trial Duration by Plan

    Peacock Free Plan:

    Peacock's entry-level, ad-supported plan is called the Peacock Free Plan. You may access a restricted amount of stuff for free with this plan. This plan's Peacock Free Trial usually lasts for seven days. You may examine Peacock's products during this week-long trial period and choose if you wish to upgrade to a premium subscription.

    Peacock Premium Plan:

    A larger selection of material and more features, such as the elimination of most advertisements, are provided by the Peacock Premium Plan. The seven-day Peacock Free Trial for the Premium Plan is also available.

    Peacock Premium Plus Plan:

    The Premium Plus Plan is your best option if you want to enjoy Peacock's material in its entirety without any advertisements. The seven-day Peacock Free Trial for the Premium Plus Plan is also available.

    How to Sign Up for the Peacock Free Trial

    These easy actions will get your Peacock Free Trial started:

    • Visit the Peacock website or use your favorite device to download the Peacock app.
    • If you do not already have an account, create one. You will have to set up a password and enter your email address.
    • Choose from the following plans to try: Premium, Premium Plus, or Free.
    • Even for the free trial, provide your financial details. During the trial period, there will be no charges, and you may discontinue the trial at any point to avoid paying anything.
    • Begin to stream and take advantage of Peacock's content offerings.


    Getting the Most Out of Your Free Peacock Trial

    Make sure you take use of your Peacock Free Trial by properly exploring the site. Enjoy Peacock Originals, your favorite movies and TV series, and the streaming service's unique features. Now is the ideal moment to choose if Peacock is the best streaming service for you.


    Depending on the package you choose, the Peacock Free Trial has different durations. The free trial period is seven days for both the Free Plan and the Premium Plans. This generous trial period lets you try Peacock's content and features before subscribing. If you're searching for a new streaming platform, check Peacock's free trial.