Looking for strollers?

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    August 10, 2022 8:58 PM EDT

    Is it time to get your kid a new stroller? Welcome to Top Mom if you are looking for umbrella strollers for toddlers weighing more than 50 pounds.

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    August 10, 2022 9:01 PM EDT

    Wait am I missing something? How often do we need to change strollers??

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    August 10, 2022 9:08 PM EDT

    I don't think that's what they meant. In a simple sentence, "if you need a new stroller, then you're welcome to top mom," so it can just be if you are having a baby or if you're getting a friend or a relative a stroller for whatever reason. That's just it. You should even check the best strollers for city living if you're getting one. Strollers these days are modernized and stylish. That's why some moms get picky about buying one.

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